What device is best for me?

Making a choice on what device to purchase can be confusing, especially considering that at first glance, all our devices emit Red and Near-infrared light. However there are a few other factors to consider when determining what device is best for you, including how much time you have for your sessions (how large is the surface area covered), how much flexibility of movement you want during sessions (how portable is the device), what your primary treatment will be (skin or deeper issues) and of course price-range (what will suit your pocket best).  

The RED LAB Big Bank:

The RED LAB Big Bank device is ideal for those wanting full body Red and Near Infrared Light Therapy benefits every day, in the shortest possible time. The big bank is ideal for physicians looking to integrate Red Light therapy into their clients' treatment protocol. This device can do a full session in as little as 20 minutes. 

The RED LAB Flex Pad:

The RED LAB Flex Pad device is ideal for those looking to treat injuries, reduce muscle fatigue and pain. The Flex pad can be strapped on whilst reading a book in bed, working at a desk or watching TV. It is portable and ideal for any situation. The Flex pad has double the number of NIR lights than red lights, placing a focus on deep muscle therapy over cosmetic benefits and is ideal for athletes or those suffering from chronic pain.

The RED LAB Handheld device:

The RED LAB Handheld device is a smart, portable light, that also includes blue light. This device is ideal for those looking for cosmetic and surface level treatments. The device settings include Red, Blue and NIR light together (best all-round treatment); Red and blue light together (great for skincare); and Red and Near Infrared together (both surface and deep tissue issues with no blue light exposure - so ideal for evening use when one wants to avoid blue light). These multiple settings allow the user to customise the treatment to a very specific goal, such as acne reduction or joint pain.  

The RED LAB Target Light:

The RED LAB Target Light is a budget-friendly entry level device that provides all the general Red and Near infrared treatment capabilities for general daily usage. The target light lacks the portability of the Flex Pad or Handheld device as it needs to be plugged in during use, and covers a smaller surface area than the Big Bank so will require several treatments to cover larger areas of the body. If neither of these factors is a concern - this is the perfect light for anybody.

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