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Flex Pad

Flex Pad

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The RED LAB  Flex Pad is a portable, rechargeable neoprene pad, embedded with 100 NIR and 50 Red Light LEDs. The handy Velcro straps allow you to strap the fully charged device to any part of the body requiring treatment, at 20 minutes per treatment area. You can safely treat up to 3 x areas in one 24 hour period.

This medical-grade device safely relieves pain associated with many physical ailments or injuries. Unlike a heating pad, NIR and Red Light Therapy works below the skin’s surface, reaching deep into tissues, stimulating and healing cells and increasing circulation to target pain at the source.


  • Ideal for targeted pain relief and muscle injury recovery
  • 50 X Red (660nm) and 100 Near Infrared (850nm) medical grade diodes on a neoprene pad with straps 
  • Rechargeable and portable

Health Benefits

- Targeted deep pain relief

- Dramatically increase injury recovery time.

- Speed up wound and scar healing

- Muscle recovery

- Reduce chronic inflammation

- Skin health, fight skin ageing, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and cellulite

Tech Specs

- Wavelength: 660 nm (Red) and 850 nm (Near-Infrared)

- Number of LEDs: 150: 50 RED, 100 NIR) 

- Treatment Size: Small

- Dimensions: Length 40 cm x Width 16cm x Height 0.4 cm

- Weight: ~2 kg

- Light Output: 54 Watts

- Optical Irradiance: 15 mW/cm^2 on surface

- EMF: Low at treatment distance

Treatment Guidelines

Standard Treatment: 15-20 minutes for symptomatic areas, but beyond that, the evidence points to diminishing returns (your cells can only absorb so much light at once).

How Often: To get the most out of your Red Lab treatments, consistency is key. We recommend one daily use on each area that you wish to treat. However if you are using the device to recover from an injury, twice is recommended.

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