Red light therapy and period pain

Do your periods give you a bad feeling? Let's discuss it.

Periods may be both an awkward topic to discuss and an uncomfortable experience for many women between the ages of 12 and 55. In fact, 84.1% of women report experiencing discomfort related to their periods, with 43.1% reporting that they do so each month. Debilitating PMS symptoms including bloating, exhaustion, migraines, and disturbed sleep can make already stressful cramps, back pain, and mood swing symptoms much worse.

But did you know that red light therapy, also known as infrared heat therapy, could make that time of the month a bit smoother? Here's how:

Reducing period pain and dysmenorrhea: Cramping, also known as dysmenorrhea, is a common complaint among women during their periods. A study conducted by the Korean Academy of Nursing found that women who received infrared therapy reported lower menstrual pain, less dysmenorrhea, and lower blood pressure compared to a control group. Another study at Dongguk University Ilsan Hospital and the Korea University Guro Hospital found that a far infrared-emitting sericite belt was effective in relieving pain in patients with dysmenorrhea.

Relieving headaches: Headaches are another common symptom during menstruation, and infrared therapy may be able to provide relief. Low body temperature has been linked to various health problems, including headaches and migraines. Infrared therapy can increase blood flow and bring oxygen and nutrients to areas of the body in need of pain relief, including the skull. It can also increase circulation and loosen tight muscles, which can contribute to head and neck pain.

Menopausal symptoms: Red light treatment may be able to help with menopause symptoms in addition to relieving PMS symptoms. According to a study conducted in Taiwan, local thermal therapy using infrared heat significantly reduced the symptoms of menopause, such as changes in blood pressure regulation, musculoskeletal and urologic alterations, and psychological changes.

If you're struggling with PMS or menopause symptoms, red light therapy may be worth considering. Red Lab offers a range of products, including the Big Bank for full body treatment, the Flex Pad for targeted abdominal or lower back treatment, and the Target Light for targeted treatment. All of these options can help you find relief and make that time of the month a little bit easier to handle.

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