How to get the best results from your Red Lab device

How to get the best result from your device:

Like most treatments, there is a way to get best results. Luckily, Red Light Therapy has a relatively wide range of effectiveness. However, we recommend the following guidelines depending on your desired results.  Decide on your key focus for the session and structure your protocol around that. You will still get some deeper benefits when targeting skin health, and vice versa.

NB: These times are given for a specific side of the body. In the case of full body treatment, remember to do the given times for each side of your body. In the case of the pads and the handheld device, use the given timeframes for each section of your body that you wish to treat.


The science behind the time recommendations:

Light devices give off light power in the form of mW/cm^2. Your body absorbs this light energy in the form of J/cm^2 (Joules per square centimetre of your body). J/cm^2 at a point is dependent on a few factors including :

  • The light power at the point (mW/cm^2) – This factor depends on the power of the light and how far away the light is from the point.
  • The amount of time the light shines on a point
  • The amount of light that is reflected off the point instead of absorbed

This J/cm^2 energy is what our cells use to heal themselves. Different treatments, however, require more, or less energy to do the best job of healing any ailment.

So you might be thinking that it’s better do a therapy session for longer to be safe. However, scientists have actually found that after too much red light your body stops achieving the optimum results and you could lose the benefits you gained from a session. Luckily, there is a pretty big window for optimum results. Below is a graph demonstrating how this works. Bearing in mind that the deeper tissue treatments are Near-Infrared Light doses and skin surface ones are Red Light doses.

We can now calculate the dose by using the equation: Dose = Time(s) x (Power density x 0.001) 



Here is an illustration of the general optimal dose for deeper tissues beneath the skin:



After calculating the J/cm^2 of our full-body devices, you’re probably scratching your head wondering how we can recommend the amount of time we have, as way too much J/cm^2 would be absorbed per treatment. However, this is where it gets a bit more complicated. Remember we mentioned reflection earlier? Well, unless you are using one of our pads or handheld devices, you aren’t going to be placing the device on the surface of your skin, and all that light that you can see is reflected light that your body isn’t absorbing. This reflection reduces the amount of energy that your body absorbs from the device by as much as 90 percent, allowing you to absorb those optimum light quantities without going over the dose threshold.


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