Red Light Therapy: Boosting Your Immune System and More

Immune System Boosting with Red Light Therapy

Red light treatment has been demonstrated to potentially benefit a range of ailments, including autoimmune diseases and immune system function. Additionally, it has been demonstrated to enhance thyroid function. And how does it operate?

Your body has an incredible capacity to heal itself, and this is likely one of its most essential functions. From a young age, we all recover from injuries, attacks from bacteria, viruses, and toxins. These systems that power this healing work in conjunction with the overall health of our defense systems. To keep these defense systems at a constantly high level requires maintenance in many forms. These forms can include not smoking, eating a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables, getting regular exercise, and using red light therapy.

While many people might purchase a Red Lab device to improve their skin or recover from exercise, maintaining a strong immune system might be the most important side effect you never realized your device was providing. So, let's get to the facts. The positive effects of red light therapy on the immune system include:

  1. Immunocompetence cell restoration: Laser therapy has been shown to act directly and selectively on the immune system, restoring immunocompetence to cells. [1]

  2. ATP production: Red light therapy has been shown to boost the performance of mitochondria, which convert molecules into energy in the form of ATP. This allows cells to function at their peak, replicate successfully, and fight any infections. This improves the resilience of cells. ATP also has key functions in intracellular and extracellular signaling, and its release activates purinergic receptors that modulate calcium and cyclic AMP levels inside cells. [2]

  3. Improved circulation: During a red light therapy session, your body reacts to the red and near-infrared light with the instant release of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is the body's natural vasodilator, instantly widening blood vessels and capillaries and allowing for improved circulation in the local area where the treatment is occurring. This helps to bring nutrients to cells and remove cell damage.

  4. Improved thyroid health: Thyroid hormones, specifically T3 and T4, are modulators of the immune response. The faster your immune system reacts to a threat, the higher the likelihood of disease prevention. Hypo- and hyperthyroid disorders negatively affect the activity of macrophages, leukocytes, natural killer cells, and lymphocytes. Restoring normal thyroid activity will positively affect the activity of these cells. [3]

A placebo-controlled clinical trial [4] showed that red light therapy was effective at improving thyroid function by increasing the production of T4 and helped reduce autoimmunity by lowering thyroid peroxidase antibodies (TPOab).

In addition to helping the thyroid operate better, research has shown that near-infrared light therapy is one of the best ways to help the body cure itself from the particular form of mitochondrial dysfunction brought on by EMF. [5]

  1. Stem cell activation: Stem cells are invaluable to the medical community as they are master cells. These non-specialized cells are present in an inactive state throughout the body. When they are needed, like in the event of an injury, infection, or cell damage from inflammation, stem cells are transported via the bloodstream to the affected area. There they transform into any cell that's needed (in this case, mobilized to become active in the immune system response). [6]
Last but not least, red light therapy has been demonstrated to have a number of potential advantages for the immune system, including restoring immunocompetence to cells, encouraging ATP synthesis, enhancing circulation, enhancing thyroid health, and stimulating stem cells. While all of these points are fascinating, it's vital to keep in mind that red light therapy is not a replacement for standard medical care. It is always preferable to speak with a healthcare professional to find the best course of action for your particular needs.
Do your research and pick a trustworthy gadget and service if you're interested in adopting red light therapy to boost immune system performance or address other health issues. And don't forget to maintain your general health by adopting a healthy lifestyle.
[1] Takamuda K. Possible effects of the laser in immunology. Keio J Med. 1993. 24(4): 180-182
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